Witches and dragons were born into this world. Hunters are a group created to bring them down.
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PostSubject: ~Backgrounds~   Thu 15 Sep 2016, 4:26 am

Dragon - Dragons were born with a scale color; being red, white, green, bronze, or black. The dragon's height is 10 feet; the dragon's body length is 6 feet; the dragon's tail length is 12 feet; and had a wingspan of about 18 feet. Dragons have the ability to breathe fire, since fire doesn't hurt a witch. They also can turn into a human form of themselves to blend in with the world, though changing forms doesn't the help the fact they are naked when doing so.

Human - Regular civilians, most are terrified of witches, or just plain hate them for using a thing such as witchcraft. They are proud people for the hard work they put into their every days lives, from the poor to the rich. When the dragons had shown up and started causing chaos, they were sending their armies out to destroy them, so some of the civilians were part of the armies too. Everyone has their own standing and fortune status in the civilian life as a human.

Hunter - Originally formed to hunt down and destroy witches, they have became hunters dragons they encounter too. They are usually paid well when they bring the head of a witch or scales of a dragon to a castle kingdom that has hired them. They also have been trained to see witchcraft auras, which is only present when witchcraft is being used. They also know that witches can't be burned, but civilians don't believe them, just want them to do their jobs.

Witch - Witches were born with their powers to manipulate objects or their surroundings. They were harmless to most, before witchcraft became a known thing, in which most went into hiding in the forests or caves in the mountains. Though, there are few that still live in cities but try their best to keep a low profile, especially in a hunter comes to town.
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